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Wed Jul 24 22:36:01 CEST 2002

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 11:57:51AM -0400, marius aamodt eriksen wrote:
> * Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann at> [020724 10:24]:
> > This is wrong.  Your code is never tainted by the GPL.  You can always keep
> > whatever licenses you want for your code.  If you create a derived, combined
> > work, that consists of the work of somebody else's GPL code and your own,
> > then this combined work is subject to the terms of the GPL.  But such a
> > combined work is not *YOUR* source anymore, it is the combination of yours
> > and other people's work.  You seem to want to have your cake and eat it, too.
> > Sorry, but the goal of Free Software is not to make hoarders happier.
> > The GPL provides a mutual agreement of sharing.  We share, you share,
> > that's the deal.  The deal is not, we give, you take.  (This "you" is
> > impersonal.  I don't mean necessarily you personally, but whoever wants to
> > include the code in proprietary software).
> well, the problem then becomes if i want to use a GPLed library in my
> code, it is considered a shared work.  even if i have not mucked with
> any source code from the GPLed library, i just use its interfaces.
> all the source clearly I wrote, but by linking it with the GPLed
> library, the freedom i assigned to my own code is taken away.  the
> LGPL solves this problem.  clearly the library itself has its own

   And LGPL have others. Like that I can make a commercial package which
   uses GpgME without returning a line of code or any kind of support.
   If you like to see your code being used without any kind of feed
   back, that's fine for you, but not for a lot of other people. Of
   course, you can say here that this licensing has made Ximian not to
   use GpgME for Evolution, and all we know that Ximian has contributed
   a lot to Free Software. But that's the problem that always happens in
   all aspects of your life: some people only want to use the work of
   others to his own benefit. And you have to protect against that,
   although that will mean some problem to others.

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