Some questions

loune lhl at
Mon Jul 29 14:40:01 CEST 2002


As I am making a frontend for gpg, I have some questions:

1) Is the attribute-fd/status-fd output in any kind of synchronization with
stdout when listing keys?
i.e. does it:
print (stdout) pub:e:bla:bla
print (stdout) uid:e:bla:bla
print (stdout) uat:e:bla:bla
print (status-fd) ATTRIBUTE bla bla
print (attribute-fd) <16><JPG DATA>
-- wait until attribute packet printing finishes, then print the next
entry --
print (stdout) uid:e:bla:bla

2) How can I accurately find the --edit-key uid/subkey ids/order?
Is there a --with-colons equivalent for that (--edit-key list)?

3) I have found that --edit-key adduid does not take names starting with a
UTF-8 character (non-ANSI ones), Is this a bug or a feature? the batch
gen-key seems to accept this....

4) Lastly, I have some queries about the 5 character length requirement that
the adduid has in place:
- Is it required to be OpenPGP compliant?
- If it is required, Does the requirement compensate for languages in other
cultures? -- for example, in the chinese language, normal names are 3
characters long
- I tried a 3 character (non-ansi) UTF-8 and it got passed the check. Does
GPG check the length of the UTF-8 text as if they were ANSI characters?

Thanks for the responses!

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