small bug in po/cs.po prevent usage of 'trust' command in czech environ

Karel Divis divis at
Mon Jun 10 11:09:02 CEST 2002

Hi all,
    I apologize if I'm submitting known issue or posting to wrong list. There is a small 
bug in czech translation (file po/cs.po), that broke using of 'trust' command in gpg 
running in czech environment.

In the file po/cs.po lines 1155-1156 are

msgid "iImMqQsS"
msgstr "iImMuUqQsS".

In the file g10/pkclist.c on line 252 reads

const char *ans = _("iImMqQsS");

, on line 290

if ( strlen(ans) != 8 ) BUG();

 - the string for czech language is 2 characters longer then expected 8 chars. When 
command 'trust' is issued, gpg ends with an error message. Furthermore, when I send 
signed message to myself, gpg states that there is no evidence my key belongs to me. 
After change msgstr string to msgstr "iImMqQsS" all turns ok.
   Please excuse my english.

Karel Divis
GPG: 399D A3E3 3877 8086 3E8E  4F48 6B5C F7D2 00CF 58DD

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