Gpgme license

Jeffrey Stedfast fejj at
Tue Jun 11 09:25:01 CEST 2002

First, I assume that Gpgme is GPL?

Would you be willing to change the license to LGPL? I'd be very
interested in using it within Evolution. Currently we use our own code
that fork/exec's gpg (along with pgp2, pgp5, and pgp6), but this code
suffers from a number of limitations that I think using gpgme would

Unfortunately, our Exchange Connector product is not GPL (though
Evolution itself is) and so I don't think we'd be able to use Gpgme
unless it were licensed LGPL.

Another question I had about Gpgme (unrelated to licensing) is that it
seems Gpgme is planning to have some sort of S/MIME capabilities, is
this true? If so, definetely another plus :-)

How is this S/MIME code going to work? Is it just going to
encrypt/decrypt/etc a block of data and leave MIME parsing up to the
client application? Or is Gpgme going to do some MIME parsing?

I'd actually prefer that it didn't (this should be the job of the
client), but I'll take what I can get :-)


Jeffrey Stedfast <fejj at>

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