Easy Install 1.0.6r5: dynload and zlib

Gordon Worley redbird at rbisland.cx
Sun Mar 17 01:59:01 CET 2002

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So far it seems like the dynload patch is working for everyone except 
for a very few of us, and even then it will work with a little hacking.  
So, with the zlib bug announced and fixed, I want to get 1.0.6r5 out 
soon.  Since Apple still has not updated their dynamically loading 
version of zlib, 1.0.6r5 will continue to statically link against zlib, 
but other things will be dynamically linked against where possible (as I 
understand it, GnuPG should try to dynamically link against libraries 
when dynload is enabled by default).

I haven't heard from Chad lately, so I don't know if he'll be doing this 
next release or not.  Probably not tomorrow but on Monday I'm going to 
try to get an Installer package together if we still haven't heard from 
Chad.  Also, I'll finish updating the documentation and post the dynload 
patch and a link to the zlib 1.1.4 patch.

BTW, for those who haven't being paying attention, zlib 1.1.3, which 
GnuPG and about a million other programs use, has a double free error in 
it that might allow an attacker to run arbitrary code.  zlib 1.1.4 fixes 
this and a couple of other small issues.  I have yet to mention this 
because I didn't want all our users to panic before we had new binaries 

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