Space-padded lines in crypt-text

Dave Hill dhill at
Wed Mar 20 18:53:02 CET 2002

Hi all.  I've run into a problem running GnuPG on text copied out of an
email in Eudora or Netscape.  With the right combination of circumstances,
the GPG text ends up padded with a space at the end of each line (ie
space-cr-lf or space-lf on every line).  The spaces in the crypt-text block
itself don't cause GPG a problem, but the space at the end of the -----BEGIN
PGP MESSAGE----- line causes GnuPG not to recognize the block as valid
crypt-text.  I was wondering:

1)  Why does the space in the BEGIN line cause a problem, but not the spaces
in the crypt-text block?

2)  If it makes sense, could someone in the group implement a fix that
wouldn't break other stuff in the process?

Thanks for any input you can provide,

Dave Hill
WorldGate Communications, Inc.
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