The key size warning

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> A popular idea, since "Johnny Mnemonic" the movie, is to use broadcast
> TV as source of randomness. This is especially useful because the MPEG-2
> compressed stream is very random (since this is the point of
> compression). Anyone with HDTV receiver already has *gigabits* of
> randomness, just strip the MPEG framing, since it is regular.

A random stream that can be eavesdropped by an attacker (as it's surely the
case with digital broadcasts) is useless for cryptographic purposes. Don't
trust architectural designs from sci-fi movies, especially those where
smuggling data requires a chip implanted in Keanu Reeves' brain :-)

> > I recall reading predictions of 4GB (~32Gb) keys to ensure some
> > strength in the presence of quantum computers.  I'm unsure that
> > the average PC could generate strong 4GB keys.
> Probably not. How would you publish them? :-)

Besides, those predictions sounds pretty meaningless. Quantum computers,
when/if built, would break current public key cryptosystems because quantum
algorithms of polynomial complexity have been found for the underlying
problems (factorization and discrete logarithm). I don't see how that could
be fixed by using huge keys.


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