A question?

Tracy Ding tracy_d at xypro.com
Thu May 2 21:22:02 CEST 2002

Currently I am working on Gnupg 1.0.6 stuff. 
I installed Gnupg 1.0.6 in my pc.
The command "gpg --print-md SHA1 Keypc"
  the putput is "Keypc: 69BB D5CF 491B C3BB F286  143A 4BC9 F8E8 7DCD"

But in OSS system ( I upload the source codes to Tandem OSS, compiled them )
I got different result.
 gpg --print-md SHA1 Keypc
gpg: Please note that you don't have secure memory on this system
gpg: WARNING: program may create a core file!
Keypc: 8653 FDF4 2F70 F2E2 E2D9  AFD4 CB7F 2531 9A85 E088
$ "                          

I tested it for MD5, the result is different too. 
I am totally lost, any help is appreciated.


Tracy Ding


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