15MB files on photo

Hideki Saito hideki at allcity.net
Mon May 6 14:17:02 CEST 2002

Yes, this worked.

Here are files, in case anyones are interested.

>On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 07:06:11PM -0700, Hideki Saito wrote:
>> Mingw32 build it is...
>The problem is forward slashes in the photo path.  Before you compile,
>you need to change g10defs.h:
>Change these:
>#define DIRSEP_C '/'
>#define DIRSEP_S "/"
>To these:
>#define DIRSEP_C '\\'
>#define DIRSEP_S "\\"
>The Win32 internals do allow either / or \, but the photo viewer uses
>system(), and that calls command, and command does not allow forward
>As for the large garbage file in i_view32, I was able to duplicate the
>problem here so I see it as well, but I don't know where the garbage
>came from.  I suspect that i_view32 gets upset if it gets forward
>slashes in a pathname.

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