force-v4-certs and digest-algo

Robert J. Hansen rjhansen at
Fri May 10 21:51:01 CEST 2002

> The entire point of the IETF, and of the RFC system, is to eliminate the
> "de facto standards" mess, and give us actual standards.

... and to further elaborate my point (which follows from that): a 
standard quickly devolves to near-uselessness if people start extending it 
willy-nilly.  Look at the UNIX Wars, or "This Site Best Viewed In".  A 
standard ought be adhered to unless there are clear and compelling reasons 
not to do so.  I don't see any clear and compelling reason to use 
RIPEMD-160, and so I don't.  (Let me say, though, that it's not my 
intention to speak for anyone but me.)

> You are confusing DSA (the algorithm) with DSS (the standard). DSS

D'oh.  My goof.

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