using verify over stdin

Justin Karneges justin-psi at
Tue Nov 5 11:06:01 CET 2002

Thanks! :)

Now one last problem.  Why when I use --passphrase-fd, it blocks program 
execution even though it has not sent NEED_PASSPHRASE to the status-fd?

My plan was to always use --passphrase-fd and have a pipe ready, just in case 
a particular operation needs a passphrase.


> > I have another question now:  How can I extract the the key/user ID from
> > a signature?  During a verify, GPG reports it on stderr, but maybe there
> > is a way to get it to print to stdout in an easily parsable format?
> Ta da!
> gpg --status-fd x
> Format is given in the DETAILS file in the doc/ directory.
> David

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