program hang after "Not enough random bytes available"

5468696A6D656E thijmen at
Wed Nov 6 12:44:01 CET 2002

With gpg (GnuPG) 1.2.1 i haven't been able to create a key on:

uname -a
FreeBSD einstein 4.5-RELEASE-p19 FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE-p19 #2: Mon Oct 21 01:50:10 CEST 2002     
thijmen at einstein:/usr/src/sys/compile/TEST-SMP  i386

It doesn't matter which key size i choose or whatever i do during the
collection of random data It will allways give me:

Not enough random bytes available.  Please do some other work to give
the OS a chance to collect more entropy! (Need 300 more bytes)

(also allways it will need the same amount: 300 bytes)

The suggestion of the error "so some other work" is cute, but, it's
a machine with 200 active users and the processor and discs were not
standing still doing nothing (to say the least)

After this message the program hangs, it doesn't print anything anymore 
to stdout or stderr. I have to ctrl-c it to escape it.

Anyone who has this behaviour as well? Is there a way of selecting other
means of random data? Shouldn't the program revert to another means
of collecting random data if one way fails? Is this a bug?

Thanx for the answer in advance!


__Thijmen Klok________

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