Fw: export key with gnupg

Patrick Tchoquessi Patrick.Tchoquessi at e2.fh-friedberg.de
Wed Nov 13 13:59:02 CET 2002

 > > Try "gpg --keyserver host --send-key KEYID" instead.

I also get the same message doing this

> > In that case, I think you've found what was causing the problem when
> > to send your key from GPA :-) For some reason gpg does not like your key
> > keyserver.
> >
> > Maybe someone with a better knowledge of gpg's kerserver support could
> > what that error message means?
> Status 400 is a bit of a catchall from the keyserver.  To explain
> more, I'd need to see the actual command line used with the real
> server name and keyid.
> David
hello David
I hope that all U need to help
gpg --keyserver wwwkeys.de.pgp.net --send-key 8DFD4BFB086021CB

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