Compiling gpgmeplug in Debian package, and libtool problem

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo jose at
Sun Nov 24 18:13:02 CET 2002


    I was thinkig on compiling gpgmeplug in the Debian package. The main
   problem I have found is that libtool tries to relink the libraries
   made for gpgmeplug inn the make install process, which called in the
   building process of a Debian package fails, unless there is an old
   libggpme-dev package installed yet in the system.

    I have tryed to compile gpgme changing within debian/rules the
   hardcode_into_libs var to 'no'. But with this, libtool still want to
   relink the library. Do you know how could I solve this? I have no
   much idea of libtool, but reading docs, this should work. But I don't
   know neither were is the problem, nor how could I fix it.


P.D: Perhaps I should write also to debian-devel, but taking into
account how things are there, we could end in a flamewar trying to show
that libtool sucks ;)

  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
     jsogo at
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