Issue with group of decrypted file

David McDonald david.mcdonald at
Mon Sep 2 14:23:11 CEST 2002

Hi all,

Is anyone else seeing this?

When I decrypt a file, the decrypted file's group is always "root". I am not
running gpg as root, but as a normal user (though gpg is setuid root to
allow it to use secure memory).

I am:

	Running:	GNU Privacy Guard version 1.0.7
	On:		Solaris 9 (v880, sun4u architecture - UltraSPARC
instruction set)

	Compiled with:	"--enable-static-rnd=linux" (Sol9 has /dev/random
and /dev/urandom)
				(and IDEA)

I do not see this behaviour under version 1.0.6 (albeit on a different
machine, running Solaris 8 and compiled with different options, etcetera).

Firstly, is this just happening to me? (I could not see any bug reports
about it).

If not, is it happening across architectures? (Perhaps it's a Solaris
largefile support thing).

Any ideas folks?

Any suggestions for a quick fix?


Dave McDonald
Systems Support Analyst

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