gpgme_op_delete doesn't seem to do anything

Jacob Perkins jap1 at
Wed Sep 4 08:20:02 CEST 2002

Here's the code I'm using to delete a key:

if (gpgme_op_delete_start (ctx, skey->key, TRUE) == GPGME_No_Error)
	g_print ("deleting key at %d\n", index);
	GpgmeError err;
	gpgme_wait (ctx, &err, TRUE);
	if (err == GPGME_No_Error)
		g_print ("successfully deleted key\n");
		list_keys ();
	else g_print ("delete unsuccesful\n");
else g_print ("error deleting key at %d\n", index);

skey is a struct that contains a GpgmeKey.  list_keys refreshes a gtk
tree list showing the current key ring.

Everything works fine, prints out the 'success' line, yet the key is
still there, even after quiting the program and restarting, still there
in seahorse too.  Can anyone help with this?
pub  1024D/57DDD9E3 2002-05-24 Jacob (Direct to Home)
<jap1 at>
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