Encrypting to secondary key

Larry Ellis Larry_C_Ellis at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 16 19:58:02 CEST 2002

Even if the syntax you specify is used, the warning message I originally asked about is still issued.  (The message is only displayed in "verbose" mode).

Perhaps it is your intention to display that message any time a secondary key is used, no matter how the secondary key was selected.  That seems to be the way gpg is behaving.   If so, It's just a little confusing for DSA/ElGamal since it is not possible to use the primary key for encryption.

> > One cannot argue with the truth of the message, but I wonder if it is
intentional to output this message even when the key is specified
> if you want gpg to use a specific subkey, you must append a '!' to the
> keyID: -r 0x12345678!

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