[OT] New keyserver

Alexandre Dulaunoy adulau at foo.be
Tue Sep 17 16:20:02 CEST 2002

Some key server project : 

 http://www.openpksd.org/ (OpenPKSD)
 http://www.cryptnet.net/fsp/cks/ (CKS implementation)
 http://pgp.mit.edu/ (the initial pks implementation)
 http://www.sf.net/project/pks/ (the patchy  pks version) (new project
 to refresh pks code)

Ideas :

 I'm currently using the pks patchy version. But this version is still
 using the db2 specific version. (not LFS compliant and so on)

 Maybe some work around that to  change the backend to a SQL backend ?
 and additional  sync method (SMTP  method is a  real pain for  my MTA
 ). (incremental sync via HKP or others ?) 

 Using GnuPG as core, maybe... the code is cleaner than pks ;-) 
 With  this, the  keyserver can  also make  more work  on  the OpenPGP
 message (like signing keys,...) 

 I have  asked (in users-list) about  a remote method  to invoke GnuPG
 so this  could be part  of the GnuPG  server project. (It  seems that
 Werner is thinking about that)

 So a GnuPG (key?) server is a great idea. 

 just my .2 EUR. 


 PS  :  Forget   the  Multicast...  Maybe  look  around   at  the  dns
 implementation in the crypnet project. 

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:

> *Please* comment on this!
> MfG, JBG

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