Antonio.Moreno-Gomez at Antonio.Moreno-Gomez at
Thu Sep 19 19:00:05 CEST 2002

This is a question or trouble report when using gnupg.

When using the following command:   this is for gnupg1.06

gpg -r mykey --yes --always-trust --encrypt myfile

when myfile is                this is the output file

abc.txt                       abc.gpg
abc                     abc.gpg

abc.stu.txt             abc.stu.txt.gpg     

when abc.txt is used as the input file the expected file would had been
abc.txt.gpg but instead I get abc.gpg,  which is the same as the output for
encrypting abc

Is this a bug or is this the way this software was designed?    Assuming
this is wrong is there any fix for that or any detour?

When using regular pgp  trying to encrypt abc.txt  the output file is
abc.txt.pgp which is different from  the pair abc ----> abc.pgp

thank you.

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