Larry Ellis Larry_C_Ellis at
Fri Sep 20 15:13:01 CEST 2002

I think that would be a good feature.  Later Windows releases don't need
special treatment; the "gpg" extension can simply be appended to the input
file name (I see from your earlier post that my batch file doesn't work with
filenames like "abc.stu.txt", because gpg will also append the "gpg"

I think what you propose would be a very useful option---one that I'd
probably configure in my options file...

You might want to consider two options:  one that *always* adds the gpg
extension, and one that never does.  Another option to consider is allowing
the user to configure the extension.

Here's my reason.  I had a batch file that I was using to encrypt files to
pgp 6 users.  With the current version of gpg, it would  look like this:

gpg --pgp6 -r user -o %1.pgp %1

Ideally, here I would like gpg never to append an extension because my batch
file does it.

But, to answer your question, I think the feature you describe would be very
useful, even if that is all you do.

> > One trivial solution is to wrap gpg in a batch file.  I use the
following to
> > encrypt a file locally:
> > crypt.bat:
> >                gpg -e -r myuserid  -o %1.gpg  %1
> Would you like an option to disable this filename manginling under
> Windows?  It will be trivial to implement.

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