Aside: GPG-1.2 useless

David Shaw dshaw at
Fri Sep 27 06:45:02 CEST 2002

On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 02:04:07AM -0700, Hugh Daniel wrote:
>   Just to keep my team focused on getting FreeS/WAN 2.00 out I am
> taking the heat of checking out the new version of GPG to see if it
> can be useful to us.
>   Sadly GPG-1.2 still can not do the PGP2 protocol correctly, so it is
> only somewhat useful as a file integrity check system...still.
>   Quickly the failure is simple:
> ahost$ echo "This is a test." > foo
> ahost$ gpg --no-options --pgp2 --armor -r (((your_key))) --sign --encrypt foo
> ahost$ pgp2 foo.asc
> ...
> Unsupported packet format - you need a newer version of PGP for this file.

Are you not seeing the error message gpg is printing?

> gpg --no-options --pgp2 --sign --encrypt foo

gpg: you can't sign and encrypt at the same time while in --pgp2 mode
gpg: this message may not be usable by PGP 2.x

You can't sign and encrypt at the same time in PGP2 mode.  If you do,
gpg won't stop you, but it won't work, and it says as much.


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