Still problems with GPGME with multithread

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at
Wed Apr 2 22:58:01 CEST 2003

Am 02.04.03 20:08 schrieb(en) Marcus Brinkmann:
> So libtool is reordering libs it doesn't know anything about?  How evil.


> You could try to frob it that -lpthread -lgpgme ends up in the libtool
> command _quoted_:  "-lpthread -lgpgme".  Not sure how to get the quotes
> intact through all the layers of autoconf and automake, though.

The problem is that the user has the option to build balsa with OR without 
threading. So we can't hard wire that in

> command line).  I am not sure, though.  YOu might try with
> # Libraries that this one depends upon.
> dependency_libs=''
> in, if it even looks at that file in your configuration.

Nope. Tried it. Doesn't help.

> I realize there is a problem.  I will find a fix one way or another. :)

Great! The first thing, as always, IMHO should be a warning somewhere in 
the readme or docs, to save other people Laurent's and my debugging time 
(if those guys read the docs...).


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