[Announce] 1.2.2 release candidate 2

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Apr 16 12:00:27 CEST 2003


We are pleased to announce the availability of a second release
candidate for GnuPG 1.2.2:

 ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/gnupg/gnupg-1.2.2rc2.tar.gz (2.8M)

or as a patch (quite large due to the translations) against the first
release candidate:

 ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/gnupg/gnupg-1.2.1rc1-1.2.2rc2.diff.gz (753k)

If you had problems in the past or suggested a new feature, we would
appreciate if you can check out this release.

In addition to some bug fixes the following stuff is new since 1.2.1:

    * A "convert-from-106" script has been added.  This is a simple
      script that automates the conversion from a 1.0.6 or earlier
      version of GnuPG to a 1.0.7 or later version.

    * Notation names that do not contain a '@' are no longer allowed
      unless --expert is set.  This is to help prevent pollution of
      the (as yet unused) IETF notation namespace.

    * A "--trust-model always" option has been added to smooth the
      transition to a future GnuPG that has multiple trust models.
      This is identical to the current "--always-trust" option.

    * Care is taken to prevent compiler optimization from removing
      memory wiping code.

    * New option --no-mangle-dos-filenames so that filenames are not
      truncated in the W32 version.

    * Disabled keys are now skipped when selecting keys for
      encryption.  If you are using the --with-colons key listings to
      detect disabled keys, please see doc/DETAILS for a minor format
      change in this release.

    * Minor trustdb changes to make the trust calculations match
      common usage.

    * New translations: Finnish and Traditional Chinese.

    * New command "revuid" in the --edit-key menu to revoke a user ID.
      This is a simpler interface to the old method (which still
      works) of revoking the user ID self-signature.

    * Fixed a compatibility problem with CryptoEx by increasing the
      window size of the uncompressor.

    * Status VALIDSIG does now also print the primary key's fingerprint.

    * Add read-only support for the SHA-256 hash, and optional
      read-only support for the SHA-384 and SHA-512 hashes.

    * New option --enable-progress-filter for use with frontends.

A binary for Windows is also available:

 ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/binary/gnupg-w32cli-1.2.2rc2.zip (1.1M)

If you want to report bugs, please use the new bug tracker at
http://bugs.gnupg.org and select the category "gnupg".

Happy hacking,

  The GnuPG Team (David, Stefan, Timo, Werner)

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