concurrent key edit ops

Andreas John ajgpgml at
Thu Apr 17 22:10:02 CEST 2003


> It should all be properly protected by lock files.  If you use the
> --lock-once option you may encounter deadlocks.  If you use the
> --lock-never option, you will encounter data corruption ;-)
Is this also true for windows?

Well, maybe this is a general problem, maybe it's windows...
I'm using Win98 and GPG1.2.1 and at least for the following scenario there is no locking:

When I start "GPG --list-sigs" (which is a really lengthy process with my keyring) and also "GPG --import-key" in parallel, the second doesn't wait for the "--list-sigs" to complete but just complains about it couldn't write keyring, and failed to rename a file.

It also says "import failed" followed by "imported keys: 1"

The full german output looks like this:

gpg: renaming `c:/gnupg\pubring.gpg' to `c:/gnupg\pubring.bak' failed: Permission denied
gpg: Fehler beim Schreiben des Schlüsselbundes `c:/gnupg\pubring.gpg': Fehler beim Umbenennen einer Datei
gpg: Schlüssel XXXXXXXX: Öffentlicher Schlüssel "[User-ID nicht gefunden]" importiert
gpg: Fehler beim Lesen von `key.gpg': Fehler beim Umbenennen einer Datei
gpg: import from `key.gpg' failed: Fehler beim Umbenennen einer Datei
gpg: Anzahl insgesamt bearbeiteter Schlüssel: 0
gpg:                              importiert: 1


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