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^^^ Gah! ^^^

[deleted stuff about GPG in library form]
libgcrypt doesn't have the right stuff?  (keyring handling?)

> Ok, if I wanted to, I could write a password to a temp file, open that
> file and pass the fd, correct? Then, of course, we remove the file after
> the passphrase is read. Some of the things we are trying to
> do need to be automated and I am looking for ways to do this SAFELY.

Writing the passphrase to disk isn't safe.  Open a pipe to the process
(GPG) before you fork() and exec() it and write the passphrase to the pipe.

> One more thing: is there a way to store a secret key blob in a database
> field?
> It looks like, if I try this, I would have to move the keyring packets from
> the
> DB into a temporary secret keyring file and set the appropriate options to
> tell gpgme/gpg where to find the public and secret keyriings. Is that
> correct.

--secret-keyring[-pipe]-fd, anyone?  :)  Don't seek() on it and it will

Also, have you looked at cryptlib?

> got Crypto?


Got mutt[.org]?

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