Segfault with gpg 1.2.1

Fabrice Medio fab at
Fri Apr 25 18:34:03 CEST 2003

David Shaw <dshaw at> writes:

> > I get segfaults when trying to sign/encrypt any file with a given set
> > of options (the one used by emacs mailcrypt).
> > 
> > gdb says : 
> > 
> > (gdb) run
> > Starting program: gpg --recipient "******" --local-user 0x654271E957D752AD --sign --comment 'Processed by Mailcrypt gpg <>' --armor --textmode --always-trust --encrypt ~/try.txt
> I can't duplicate this here.  
> Can you try it with --no-options on the
> command line to see if there is something in your gpg.conf file that
> is causing the problem?  Also, what happens if you use a different key
> in --local-user ?  How about a different key in --recipient ?

- When I add --no-options : 

$ gpg --recipient "*****" --local-user 0x654271E957D752AD --sign --comment 'Processed by Mailcrypt gpg <>' --armor --textmode --always-trust --no-options --encrypt ~/try.txt

That segfaults.

- Let's try with a different key for --local-user, leaving the --no-options flag : 

$ gpg --recipient "*****" --local-user test --sign --comment 'Processed by Mailcrypt gpg <>' --armor --textmode --always-trust --no-options --encrypt ~/try.txt

That also segfaults.

- Now, with a different recipient, leaving --no-options :

gpg --recipient fab --local-user test --sign --comment 'Processed by Mailcrypt gpg <>' --armor --textmode --always-trust --no-options --encrypt ~/try.txt

Doesn't segfault anymore.

I guess you now want the recipient's key for testing ?


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