gnupg morphos port

Frederik Harwath fhack at
Thu Aug 7 15:56:02 CEST 2003

I'm just trying to port gnupg to MorphOS (, which is an
amiga-os like operating system. As gnupg seems to be written in a very
portable way, I hadn't many problems compiling it using the ixemul library
(posix compatibility layer, similar to cygwin for windows)  and the "geek
gadgets" (GNU tools ported to MorphOS, gcc etc.). Now I'd only need some
"entropy" source. There's no /dev/random or equivalent and egd won't help
as well, as it still requires a "unixish" environment (for example, it
doesn't make sense to check the logged in users, even if you had who on
MorphOS, as it's a single user OS). So ... is there anybody out there, who
could give me a hint or two. Maybe some (ex?)Amiga coder or anybody else
who has an idea what to use to get some "randomness". Afair the old PGP for
amiga only used direct user input (mouse, keyboard) to do this, but that
doesn't seem very secure to me, or am I wrong?
Greetings and thanks in advance, 

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