gnupg 1.2.2: IPv6 support

itojun at itojun at
Wed Aug 27 12:52:07 CEST 2003

>>> 	the following diff should add IPv6 support (keyserver access)
>>> 	to gnupg 1.2.2.
>>> should be automatically generated, however, i'm not too
>>> 	familiar with automake so i hand-patched it.  please consider
>>> 	integrating it into future distribution.
>>I am planning to add IPv6 support to the next devel branch release of
>>GnuPG (1.3.x).  Unfortunately, I can't fully test it here.  Would you
>>(or anyone reading this) be willing to test?
>	of course, i'm very happy to test.

	btw i'm using the patch for --search-keys from behind IPv6-only network
	to over IPv6.

	IPv6-only ---IPv6--> IPv6-to-IPv4 translation ---IPv4-->


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