Possible --list-keys bug in 1.2.3

Martin Ehmsen ehmsen at imada.sdu.dk
Sat Aug 30 22:29:01 CEST 2003


I think I have found a bug in gnupg-1.2.3.
It has to do with listing the keyring filename. It all started because 
psi (a jabber client) couldn't parse the output from gnupg-1.2.3.
Is the following the intended output from gnupg??:

#gpg --fixed-list-mode --with-colons --list-public-keys
uid:u::::::::Martin Ehmsen <ehmsen at imada.sdu.dk>:
... and so on

#gpg --fixed-list-mode --list-public-keys
pub 1024D/DEA361F6 2003-05-13 Martin Ehmsen <ehmsen at imada.sdu.dk>
sub 2048g/0D121BB5 2003-05-13
... and so on

The problem is the missing:
in the first output where --with-colons is turned on. Even with the 
--show-keyring option on, it dosen't show the keyring filename when 
--with-colons in turned on.
Is this a bug or is this the intended behaviour??
(This is has changed between 1.2.2 and 1.2.3.)

Thanks in advance

Martin Ehmsen
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