gnupg, codepage and ru.po - was Re: STABLE-BRANCH-1-2 gnupg/scripts (ChangeLog mail-to-translators mk-w32-dist)

Maxim Britov udjinrg at
Wed Dec 24 10:36:18 CET 2003

>     Date: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 @ 20:19:50
>   Author: werner
>     Path: /cvs/gnupg/gnupg/scripts
>      Tag: STABLE-BRANCH-1-2
> Modified: ChangeLog mail-to-translators mk-w32-dist
> * mk-w32-dist: Convert hu.po to CP852 as suggested by Nagy Ferenc
> L_szl_.  Convert ru.po and be.po to CP1251 according to some web
> pages. Convert ro.po to CP852.

Win32 console is cp866. cp1251 is winapp codepage.
I  thing you should convert ru.po into cp866!

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