Problems verifying signature with autoimported keys

Holger Sesterhenn Holger.Sesterhenn at
Wed Feb 5 13:52:01 CET 2003


>>[GNUPG:] SIG_ID skATzmEpRldO4qfomtEO27ZoSTg 2003-02-04 1044382098
>>[GNUPG:] GOODSIG 2222222222222000 userB <userB at internet>
>>gpg: Good signature from "userB <userB at internet>"
>>gpg:                 aka "alias userB <userB at somewhere>"
>>[GNUPG:] VALIDSIG 2222222222222222222000000 2003-02-04 1044382098 0
>>gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected
> This is a good signature.  Is the message that is concerning you the
> "message was not integrity protected" warning?  That is not part of
> the signature.

Ups?! I have other messages which are signed (cleartext, opaque, 
enc+signed) and all of them show a "[GNUPG:] GOODMDC" instead of this 
message. What might be the difference?

The signature itself is correct, I know but there must be something wrong 
with the trust, right? Doesn't mean "integrity protected" that the 
signature should be correct?

Holger Sesterhenn

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