newbie compile problems

Daniel Packer dpacker at
Mon Feb 24 18:29:02 CET 2003


I am trying to compile a short program to assure myself that I installed 0.3.15 properly.

I am able to compile, following the instructions in the info pages, but I get a shared lib error during runtime:

Here is the cmd line execution:
[dpacker at newage gpgme]$ ./test
./test: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Here is the cmd line I am using to compile:
[dpacker at newage gpgme]$ cc -o test test.c `gpgme-config --cflags --libs`

Here is the source:
#include <gpgme.h>
int main() {
        printf("%d", gpgme_engine_check_version(GPGME_PROTOCOL_OpenPGP));
        return 0;

Please bear with me, as I am a gpgme newbie, and a pretty unsophisticated C programmer. I have many projects which I'd like to use gpgme for, as long as I can get on my feet.

Many thanks,

PS. I already ran /sbin/ldconfig -v, just in case, but I still get the error. Also, I am on a Red Hat Linux 7.3 (kernel 2.4.18-19.7, gcc version 2.96)
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