gpgme & gnupg user id inconsistent

Jacob Perkins jap1 at
Tue Jan 14 02:39:02 CET 2003

I've created a delete user id edit key op for seahorse, but gpgme and
gnupg's user id numbering is inconsistent.  For instance, in edit key
mode, the ids are listed as so:
	1)  foo bar
	2) .test
but in the key list are listed:
	foo bar

since test is the primary user id.
Is there any way to get around this or force gnupg to renumber the user
ids so 1) is primary always?  Or get gnupg's user id number from gpgme? 
The description of GPGME_ATTR_USERID led me to believe that
gpgme_key_get_ulong of an index would give gnupg's user id number, but
it only returns 0.


Jacob Perkins <jap1 at>

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