GPG port to TANDEM

Manfred Morgner manfred.morgner at
Tue Jan 14 10:14:06 CET 2003


I'm Manfred Morgner from Switzerland. Next Month I will start porting GPG to
the TANDEM System. Currently it is not clear if I become allowed to publish
the result, but the signals are good.

My question is, if you are interested in on this port.

I query you because the TANDEM is a very special system and it is currently
impossible to make a complete port because the TAMDEM system lacks support
for dynamic linking of libraries/modules.

In addition, the TANDEM has "two faces", also known as "personalities".
There is a *nix similiar personality called OSS and the native personality
called GUARDIAN. Currently my idea is, to port GPG to the native
personality, but I'm not sure if this will succeed.

In both cases, the result will get some substantial chances against the main
developent tree. The complete list of the consequences are currently
unknown. I already compiled the main part of GPG in the OSS personality
(without linking the result), which was almost successfull.

Further I'm not sure if I'm able to support the port after finishing it.

I will not have any problem if you reject the port.

What do you all think about this?


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