documentation to reverse engineer

t-feldhaus at t-feldhaus at
Tue Jan 14 10:14:09 CET 2003

I've spent several hours in reversing the sourcecode.
And my point is the following according to the GNU Coding Standards:

"Please put a comment on each function saying what the function does, what 
sorts of arguments it gets, and what the possible values of arguments mean 
and are used for."

The program requires more (inner) documentation, not only for developers, but 
it can provide higher security by transparency. The question is where and in 
which way?

My Idea is now: As I try to reverse engineer the program and I have to make a 
documentation anyway for myself why not contribute to the project in 
improving /doc/HACKING or in commenting the code or in producing a rather 
separated document concentrating in only one version (to avoid confusion).

So what do you think of it? What kind of documentation is necessary or 
Is there anybody who wants to help me? With experience how to achieve such 		
things or participating in that project.( cflow g10/g10.c displays the call 		
hierarchy of main -what is where?)
Are there any hidden ressources?
Thomas Feldhaus

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