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Sat Jan 25 19:03:01 CET 2003

On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 07:03:44PM -0600, Jacob Perkins wrote:
> 1. When is a key invalid? For example, does disabling, expiring, or
> revoking invalidate a key?

A key is invalid if the gpg keylisting shows the i flag for this key.
GPGME doesn't add much (any?) interpretation to the data returned by gpg.

> 2. If a key could sign/encrypt, if it is made
> invalid/disabled/expired/revoked, does that also make it unable to
> sign/encrypt?

This is a gpg question.
> 3. Will checking if a primary key can_sign/can_encrypt give the correct
> value for the entire key, or just the primary key?

Again, this is a question of what gpg reports.  doc/DETAILS has this:

12. Field:  Key capabilities:
                e = encrypt
                s = sign
                c = certify
            A key may have any combination of them.  The primary key has in
            addition to these letters, uppercase version of the letter to
            denote the _usable_ capabilities of the entire key.


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