GPGME as a Windows DLL

Greg Kempe surprisinglysore at
Thu Jan 30 10:49:33 CET 2003

Hi everyone

I'd like to use GPGME in a Delphi application. As such, I need it as a
Windows DLL that I can link to. Currently, I don't have an environment
that would allow me to compile GPGME as a DLL, so was wondering if some
kind soul at there would be so kind as to do it for me? Please? :)

I know that it's felt that since Windows lacks proper DLL versioning
support, it's better to link to the library statically. For my purposes
of fiddling with GPGME in Delphi, though, I don't really need to worry
about this. Alternatively, if someone would be kind enough to provide an
Intel relocatable object file (.OBJ) then I wouldn't need to worry about
the DLL.

Any help would be appreciated.



Greg Kempe         greg at

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