Changing GPGME's license

Bernd Eckenfels lists at
Mon Jul 21 00:28:02 CEST 2003

On Sun, Jul 20, 2003 at 09:28:50PM +0200, Stéphane Corthésy wrote:
> It would be available to all with GPL, as of now, and for people 
> wanting to use it in non-GPL'ed software you would license it to them 
> as LGPL, providing that they pay some royalties?

this will not work, unless you find one sponsor who will then publish the
now free GPGME. Since the first person who can get a LGPL license can
republish it. It would work with a commercial additional license (like MySQL
AB is doing it), but I guess werner can't do that because of FSF copyright?

IMHO GPGME is neighter a clean nor a high level interface. There is realy
not much reasons to use it at all. Especially not, if you use java.
Therefore I dont mind. The project is pretty dead to me.

While doing a search on freshmeat, I see only an ADA binding for GPGME and
one tool using GPGME, which is the gaim-e plugin. This is clearly a proof
for the total failure of the project. Even on my debian system GPA is the
only tool using GPGME, besides a python binding.

Too heavy weighted, restricted features, restrictive license, and ever so
often Werner is answering help requests with "if you are willing to pay"....

Of course this is my personal oppinion. I have used drect execution of gpg
for a commercial project, and feel pretty happy with it. From that
experience, i am quite sure, that GPGME is full of ugly hacks, and I dont
wonder why it is such a moving target, but I am sure, this was the right
decision, and GPGME is not as unique as Werner wants it to be.

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