1 error in --list-sigs and non-unicode locale

Maxim Britov udjinrg at forenet.by
Tue Jun 3 11:48:02 CEST 2003

I'm using GnuPG 1.2.2 from www.nullify.org on Win2000.
I try to use russian ru.mo (for test)
and I get broken output of "list-sigs".

"gpg --list-sigs someuid" output:
pub  1024D/241A44DE 2002-12-16 
sig    R    241A44DE 2003-01-19   someuid
uid                            someuid
sig         241A44DE 2003-04-03   someuid
... skip ...
sig 3       C8BBE377 2003-05-14   [User id \xad\xa5 \xad\xa0\xa9\xa4\xa5\xad]
This is "Not found" translated into Russian.
Codepage is 866 (My Windows console).
In Linux koi8-r - also problem.
In Linux Unicode - not problem (I did not check it, I got answer from my friend).

I'm looking:
sig 3       C8BBE377 2003-05-14   [User id \xad\xa5 \xad\xa0\xa9\xa4\xa5\xad]
It is in English:
sig 3       C8BBE377 2003-05-14   [User id not found]
I wont to look (in my locale: cp866,koi8-r, etc):
sig 3       C8BBE377 2003-05-14   [User id ne najden]


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