GPG for PalmOS?

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Tue Jun 17 11:28:02 CEST 2003

As more PalmOS units contain a cellular phone
(Qualcomm CDMA or GSM) and/or have a Secure Digital
slot (Bluetooth, 802.11), it seems as if GPG for
PalmOS would be a big win.

At present the only solutions I am aware of are:

1. sells PGP for PalmOS (US$ 60 per year!).

2. Tom Zerucha wrote an Open PGP implementation on
top of SSL.  That was ported to Palm OS ("palmopgp")
but seems to have stalled in 1999.

3. The PASTA project in Norway ported PGPlib to Palm
OS.  This, too, seems to have stalled in 1999.

So it seems to me that a GPG-based PalmOS application
could be very popular.  It would be nice to have
GPG in a form factor smaller than a laptop...

I'm not a gnupg-devel subscriber, so contacting me
off-list might be best.  I'm not sure what I could
offer, other than maybe trying to get some people
to donate a small cash bounty (or donation to the
GPG effort).

Dave Eckhardt

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