GPG for PalmOS?

davide+gnupg-devel at davide+gnupg-devel at
Wed Jun 18 16:49:02 CEST 2003

> Uhh, no.  Someone once explained the intricacies of PalmOS porting
> to me and it sounded like a nightmare [...]

To the extent PalmOS is like something else, it's like MacOS (before
OS X).  UI dialogs are pre-compiled bitmaps, applications consist
of resource databases, there are 4-byte creator id's, etc.

Some of the nightmarish aspects have died down a little now that
people are no longer targeting the first-generation units (which
had a grand total of 128K of SRAM, for *everything*).

Plus, these days there is a lot of example code to refer to, even
that openpgp port.  So if you're not already a PalmOS developer
there would be a large start-up cost.  On the other hand, I suspect
the gpg user base would grow dramatically as a result.

Dave Eckhardt

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