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Hagen Paul Pfeifer toaster at
Mon Jun 23 13:44:01 CEST 2003

* Matthew Byng-Maddick | 2003-06-23 09:52:59 [+0100]:

>You're missing stuff about the way that RSA works.

Not really ;-) RSA -the mathematic- is not the problem, the
implementation is the problem. Cause RSA dont need block padding,
session keys ...
I need information about the implemantation.

>It creates a session key, as is documented. It then pads and encrypts that
>key, and uses that to do AES/IDEA/some other symmetric algorithm on the
>data, with appropriate padding at the end to get the data to a block

Thanks, this information is usefull for me. Exist there some details
about the implementation in the public (except the source code ;-) ?

>> second question:
>> when I list keys, all keys a represented by digits and characters (and
>> unprintable characters without -a). My rsa implementation only show
>> digits (of course), why? And how can I extract e and n of a public key?
>I'm not sure how you get this out without patching the source. That bit
>is fairly easy to read, and it is probably relatively easy to patch to
>print out the numbers from the big num.

I don't understand your awnser for my question. I repeat: How can I
extract e ( gcd(e, phi ) == 1) and n ( q * p )  from a key that i list with "gpg
-a --export key-id". Cause it print's one whole character stream on
stdout. Furtermore: it contains not only numbers?!


To difficult for me, sorry.

Many thanks!


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