Any word on the bug?

Robert J. Hansen cortana at
Wed Jun 25 07:09:02 CEST 2003

> Which bug is this?  If you are referring to the validity information
> being strange in --list-secret-keys listings, then the answer is yes.
> You may not like the result though - the fix is to not show validity
> in secret key listings.

That'd be the one.  The problem is it's manifesting in more ways than 
just that now.  For instance (all active email addies obscured with 
leetspeak and/or pork products):

[rjh at numbers rjh]$ gpg --list-key rjh at
pub  1024D/2CBE2E25 2002-05-02 Robert J. Hansen <rjh at>
uid                            Robert J. Hansen <c0rt4n4 at>
sub  3072g/7926E4DD 2002-05-02

Okay, so I've got a valid primary UID of rjh at  Now let's 
try to sign using it:

[rjh at numbers rjh]$ gpg -u rjh at --sign foo.txt
gpg: skipped `rjh at': secret key not available
gpg: signing failed: secret key not available

Hey, that ain't right.  Let's take a look at what UIDs are attached to 
the secret key.

[rjh at numbers rjh]$ gpg --list-secret-keys
sec  1024D/2CBE2E25 2002-05-02 Robert J. Hansen <rjhansen at>
ssb  3072g/7926E4DD 2002-05-02

... Apparently, GnuPG doesn't recognize that (a) my UID is 
revoked and should no longer be used, or (b) that I have a email address which is now my primary UID.

I discovered this when trying to install Enigmail, which by default uses 
the -u flag to pass a userID for signing.  I have default-key 0x2CBE2E25 
in my options file, so it never came up before.

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