Any word on the bug?

Robert J. Hansen cortana at
Wed Jun 25 07:57:01 CEST 2003

> This is not the same problem.  The original problem was that misleading

Ahh.  Okay, my goof; I thought it was related.

> going to work via -u.  I'm not quite sure how you got to where you are
> since GnuPG always adds new user IDs to both the public and secret
> keys.  Do you have more than one GnuPG installation that you use?
> They're out of sync.

Have a GnuPG installation on my laptop and another one on my home box, 
and I'm forever sshing between the two.  It'd be strange if I somehow 
morphed keys from one to the other, but I've seen stranger, and most of 
the stranger things I've been responsible for.

Thanks for the help here.  :)

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