HP compile issues with GPG (plain text)

Mark Vovchuk Mark at DTSOFT.com
Mon Jun 30 18:56:02 CEST 2003

I am having some issues compiling any version of gpg on HP-UX version
11.00.  I have tried 1.2.0, 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 (which I read has issues on
HP) as well as the RC1 of 1.2.3.  I am using GCC 3.3 and this is my
script to compile
./configure \
--with-gnu-as --with-as=/usr/local/gcc/pa20_64/bin/as \
--with-gnu-ld --with-ld=/usr/local/gcc/pa20_64/bin/ld \
#Next Line for Test on HP
#--enable-static-rnd=egd --enable-m-guard \ 
/usr/local/bin/gnumake install
I build the binaries, but on the make, when gpg executes, it hangs and
cannot break out until Ctrl C stops what it is doing.
It hangs for many minutes.
This is the tail end of the output, where it hangs

echo '#!/bin/sh' >./gpg_dearmor
echo "../g10/gpg --no-options --no-greeting \
             --no-secmem-warning --batch --dearmor" >>./gpg_dearmor
chmod 755 ./gpg_dearmor
./gpg_dearmor > ./pubring.gpg < ./pubring.asc
./gpg_dearmor > ./secring.gpg < ./secring.asc
./gpg_dearmor > ./plain-1 < ./plain-1o.asc
./gpg_dearmor > ./plain-2 < ./plain-2o.asc
./gpg_dearmor > ./plain-3 < ./plain-3o.asc
./gpg_dearmor > ./pubring.pkr < ./pubring.pkr.asc
./gpg_dearmor > ./secring.skr < ./secring.skr.asc
cat ./options.in >./options
../tools/mk-tdata   500  >data-500
../tools/mk-tdata  9000  >data-9000
../tools/mk-tdata 32000  >data-32000
../tools/mk-tdata 80000  >data-80000
cat ./../doc/HACKING \
    ./../doc/DETAILS \
    ./../doc/FAQ         >plain-large
../g10/gpg --homedir . --quiet --yes --import ./pubdemo.asc
gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir "."

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  I am on a tight deadline to
validate this or we are forced to go back to PGP.  On a side note, it
compiled just fine on AIX 4.2.1 with the Ansi C compiler from IBM.

Mark Vovchuk

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