[Ägypten] './configure' with newpg not able to find libgcrypt

Jan-Benedict Glaw jbglaw at lug-owl.de
Wed Mar 12 16:42:01 CET 2003

On Mon, 2003-03-10 23:26:22 +0100, Roland Wolters <rolandwolters at web.de>
wrote in message <200303102326.22511.rolandwolters at web.de>:
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> Hi,
> every time i try to configure newpg it shows me the error it is not able to 
> find libgcrypt although i installed libgcrypt some seconds before.
> Is there any possibility to show newpg where it can find libgcyrpt?

Did you install it from sources or did you install your distribution's
binary package? You should have done the later one... Did you also
install the matching developer package? Libraries are always split into
at least two packages: the binary package (containing the library) and
the developer package (containing the header files and most probably
also a statically linkable version of the library).

For me (using Debian), these libgcrypto packages exist:

jbglaw at min:~$ apt-cache search 'libgcry*'|grep libgcry
libgcrypt-dev - LGPL Crypto library - development files
libgcrypt-doc - LGPL Crypto library - documentation
libgcrypt1 - LGPL Crypto library - runtime library

...and to compile something that uses libgcrypto I would need to install
libgcrypt1 and libgcrypt-dev...


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