1.2.2 on HP-UX

Anthony Kim Anthony.Kim at VWCREDIT.COM
Mon May 12 19:44:02 CEST 2003

gnupg-1.2.2 fails to build on HP-UX at cipher/random.c:

random.c: In function `fast_random_poll':
random.c:655: storage size of `buf' isn't known
random.c:656: warning: implicit declaration of function `times'
random.c:655: warning: unused variable `buf'

As it turns out, we are not including <sys/times.h> because
the configure test for gettimeofday failed:

configure:12938: checking for gettimeofday
configure:12988: gcc -o conftest -g -O2   conftest.c  >&5
configure:13055: conflicting types for `gettimeofday'
/usr/include/sys/time.h:485: previous declaration of `gettimeofday'

I ran the test program copied from config.log.  Apparently HP
does not like <limits.h>

#ifdef __STDC__
# include <limits.h>
# include <assert.h>

So when I use <assert.h> the test builds fine.

[Previously, 1.2.1 configure used <assert.h> so I never came across this

or patch configure to remove limits.h but I wonder if there is a
"correct" way of handling this.

OS: HP-UX 11.00
CC: gcc 3.2.2

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