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smoore wrote:
> I imported a group of keys using gpg and need to sign them all. How can I
> automate this process. Currently, I have over 3000 users to sign.
Note: this isn't automated. This is a mass key-signing.

First, without details, I'm gonna make the assumption this is an
exportable signature (I've done it with non-exportable, but I've slept
since then.)

Use the GUI from freeware PGP. Copy public and private keyrings. Open COPY
with PGPkeys. (You'll need to set the trust on your signing key. Maybe
also mark it as default.) Select all the keys you wish to sign.
Right-click --> Sign. Mark exportable. Click OK and enter passphrase.

When finished, close keyrings and import public keyring back into gpg.

For an automated solution, You'll probably need to cobble something
together with expect or some other scripting solution.

FWIW, the usual caveats apply: INANL. TINLA. Don't try this at home....
Try it first on a COPY of your keys to make sure the results are what
you're looking for.
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