GnuPG 1.2.3 and iButton

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Fri Nov 7 10:49:44 CET 2003

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Quoting Matthias Frank <matzefrank at>:

> i finally managed it to get GnuPG 1.2.3 to work with
> the Java iButton.

Excellent work!  Having a secure, small, low-cost hardware token is an
excellent defense against keystroke loggers, etc.

> Keygeneration is done on the iButton, the secret key is stored
> on-board, the public key on the local Keyring. Encryption, Decryption,
> Signing and Verifying works, you can store up to 32 Keys on the iButton,
> the key to Decrypt/Sign is chosen automatically.

What are the key size limitations?  Does it work with subkeys?

> currently, development is done with the VS.NET-Version
> (NO IDEA-support!!!) and only available under Windows, but
> a Linux-version could be made...

Can you please e-mail me the diff's or just zip up the whole project?  I
would like to incorporate your changes into the next Nullify release.  I
hope that this will make it into the next official release but that never
stopped me before.

I still do not understand the opposition to the IDEA DLL.  If someone does
not want it, all they have to do is delete it.  Perhaps in the future I
will try and make the installer have an option on whether to install the
DLL or not.

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