Which secret key is chosen?

Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder avbidder at fortytwo.ch
Sun Nov 30 16:01:16 CET 2003


I need to add a new (minor) problem to my subkey usage page: when there is no 
key explicitely specified (via -u or via default-key, cmdline or conffile), 
gnupg choses the first secret key on the keyring.

This means: 
 - when a subkey is available, it uses the primary to sign anyway.
 - when the primary is not available, it bails out with 'no secret key 

The second case:
vbi at altfrangg:~/.gnupg$ gpg --list-secret-key
sec# 1024D/92082481 2002-02-22 Adrian von Bidder <avbidder at fortytwo.ch>
ssb  1024g/08C279D8 2002-02-22
ssb  1024D/E5A7F7D6 2002-08-22

vbi at altfrangg:~/.gnupg$ gpg -as
gpg: secret key parts are not available
gpg: no default secret key: general error
gpg: signing failed: general error
vbi at altfrangg:~/.gnupg$ 

Somebody reported this to me.

-- vbi

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